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Was there ever a legitimate reason for using this in the original game, except for using the keys during the endgame?
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Enemies always attacked the stack closest to them, so in theory, you could have a beefy (or just well armoured) melee character draw all the fire while squishier ranged units attack in safety (assuming the enemy didn't have ranged attacks of its own, anyway). Now that I think about it, I think an unconscious ranger would still block enemy movement, so if you had a chokepoint, your squishy units would be safe even if they rendered your tanks unconscious. I'm not sure how effective this strategy ever was in practice, though.

Some enemy attacks could also attack everyone in a particular stack (automatic fire and the like), so splitting up could help limit the damage.
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There are a number of situations in the game where you need to split off 1 member; Scott's bar in Quartz for one.
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Yep--two places in Scott's Bar. Try having your entire party sit on a bar stool. Then try entering the ladies' restroom with a male in your party. Ain't gonna work! ;)
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Not sure if you consider it "legitimate" but having one party member hang out off in the wilderness is a great way to heal the rest of your party while resting at a much faster real-time speed. Because more time passes per move in the wilderness, you can have your guys down in the sewers or whatever healing up quickly as the wilderness guy wanders around killing gila monsters or whatever.
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I used it in sleeper base to avoid deadly traps. I use the computer and turn off electricity(traps) but that also closes the tricky door. So I had one ranger outside.

It is also a cool feature. I wish unlimited roaster was a new game+ feature.
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