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I see a lot of ppl everywhere struggling or just not willing to get into the game b/c they are driven off by the oldschool UI. So i made a quick and fairly short guide that might help. This is not a walkthrough or any kind of full overview over the game, just the necessary info to get going for good. In the last chapter i link a really good guide though to find out more.

Note that i did this out of my head (i dont have the game installed atm), but i played it a couple dozen times or so, incl. the remastered version, so it should be ok. If you still find anything that seems off, dont hesitate to post :)

For better readability, i use chapters:

1. Char creation
2. Interacting with the world
3. Other commands
4. Combat
5. Healing
6. Items
7. Guide


1.1 Attributes

In WL1 you start with 4 sample chars that you actually meet again in WL 2 and 3. However i suggest rolling new ones (after you strip their equipment ofc). Note that you can roll attributes of chars during creation as much as you want and until you have a useful char

Roll your chars until you have a good set of attributes. Most important to look at is INT, b/c it adds skill points and you get more quickly to 23 that you need for the important lategame skills!

Thefore have INT at least 15, better 17 on each char. Also asap increase INT in the first levelups (you gain 2 pts per level!) until you hit at least 23!

Good other attributes to watch out for (in order of priority):
a. LCK: increases melee and ranged damage
b. DEX: increases melee dmg and ranged accuracy
c. AGI: increases melee accuracy and evasion chance
d. STR: increases melee dmg; also good to brute force doors etc (you want 1 char with high strength)

1.2 Skills

Cover all skills among your party, i.e. every skill is at least on 1 char, even tho a lot of skills have marginal use - but you will be able to find out :) Well actually you can really leave out Combat shooting that really doesnt do anything ;)

All skills only 1 point each (with few exceptions), b/c you can increase skills by using them!
Some skills you want on every char:
a. Climb
b. Swim
c. Perception
d.-f. probably Brawling, Assault rifles, AT weapons

Its good to start Brawling with 2 pts, b/c that adds an extra attack. You wont increase the Brawling skill from 1 to 2 early, b/c monster levels are too low

Other fairly important skills include Medic (best on 2 chars at least; go for Doctor skill later too), Picklock and Safecrack to open stuff, Bomb disarm and/or Demolitions to handle explosives.

Note that skills are tied to certain attributes for bonus. Its kinda logical for most parts (Picklock with DEX, Silent move with AGI, Perception or Medic with INT, Gamble with LK etc.).


Some checks are passive, like swimming, climbing, spotting something (perception or INT) or sneaking around (silent move). If you pass the check you are fine (or you find something). If not, something bad happens (you drown, fall, get spotted by guards etc.)

But often you have to interact with the world, which is pretty much all done with the "USE" command. Example: You see a locked door where you can ...
a. USE SKILL Picklock
c. USE ITEM Crowbar
e. <anything else you might wanna try>

Another example is using the Perception skill to spot something actively. Note that sometimes you need to use it on your position (with space bar), other times in the direction you want to look at. Justb try ...

Using ropes to climb is similar like Perception regarding own position vs the direction you want to use the rope on. Therefore position yourself carefully, b/c you might step forward using that rope!

Other 'popular' examples are giving snake squeezins to hobos, using a Pick Ax for mining, a shovel to dig, using keys on doors or Medic/Doctor on injured chars.

If you fail on using a Skill or Attribute you might not want to give up and try again, b/c its a roll and therefore the result random (although it can be long and tedious sometimes until you succeed). At least unless the message is clear: 'That doesnt seem to work' is a hint that you are using a wrong skill/item and its actually pointless to keep on trying :)


Disband: You can drop a char and leave him behind temporarily or forever. This is useful in a few situation where you have to split up.

Radio: call in and see if you gained some levels, b/c that wont happen automatically even if you have the necessary EXP

Reorder: Reorder your inventory

Equip (in Inventory or during combat): Choose Armor and Weapon to equip (it will be whitened)

Encounter: will start combat with NPCs around you if you wanna attack them. But also necessary to hire NPCs!


Pretty straight forward attack, reload if mag is empty, unjam if weapon is stuck and switch weapon

For automatic weapons you can choose between "Single" (1 bullet), "Burst" (3) or "Auto" (Rest of the mag).

"Evade" wont have the char attack but adds chance to evade

You can move single chars or move as group. Often necessary when using melee weapons or enemies are not in range or sight

If a character drops below 1 HP, he turns unconscious ("UNC"), but will come back to 1 HP after some turns automatically. If he is injured (SER, CRT, MRT, COM) he wont come back and gets worse until he dies. But you can try to heal him by using someone elses Medic or Doctor skill in combat (or after) on that char.

Note that killing an enemy with melee grants double EXP! Thats why a lot of people choose to fight with melee weapons for most parts of the game. Brawling is the best with weapons like Ax, Club, later Chainsaw and finally Proton Ax! Its also really powerful b/c you get extra attacks with increasing skill levels.


First of all, there are no healing items! You can go to a doctor, esp. if you have a disease (HP is whitened out), b/c Medic/Doctor skills wont help there. These skills also wont regen HP, just clear injuries (SER, CRT, MRT, COM).

If you only want to regen HP, you can 'park' on the world map, ideally in hot areas (desert, b/c no enemies) and hit the ESC key to make the time pass - because you heal HP over time! There are also some areas 'inside' where this is doable ... you will find out :)


Its good to have a Canteen on every char to prevent dehydration in the desert.

Other (non combat) items to have a few with you: 2-3 Ropes, 5-6 TNT (later Plastic explosives), 2-3 Snake queezin, a Shovel, a Geiger counter, a Crowbar

A whole lot if items have single uses, which you will find out. Just keep that stuff, even tho it takes a lot of space.

Some items however can freely be sold asap b/c they have no use otherwise:
a. Hand mirror
b. Book
c. Map
d. Clay pot
e. Jewelry


This guide is great and gives you a lot of additional infos: https://wasteland.fandom.com/wiki/The_N ... land_Guide
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Excellent guide! (Speaking as a WL1 veteran).
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