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My wishlist

Post by JAKE1138 »

I think I'm about half way through the game. Here are the things I'd like to see fixed/improved:

1. Be able to scroll through the combat text. If you use mouse wheel, it kind of goes up a bit then just snaps back down. Make it so scroll wheel lets you go back up in the combat text. Or add a vertical scroll bar. Or have PgUp/PgDown work.

2. Not have the initial combat start with movement keys. I'm moving through an area, rapidly pressing "a" or left arrow key and I run into a group of enemies but since I press one of those keys, it's jumping straight to combat selection and I don't even see how many enemies there are. If that means not allowing movement keys dismiss [CONTINUE], so be it. Or at least make it an option. Or display the number of enemies somewhere during combat selection. (Edit: Just found out that you can use the Hire option to see enemy groups. Not intuitive but it's at least a work-around.)

3. Function key macros like in the original game. I'm using AutoHotkey to create custom macros but it's not smart. It would be nice to be able to create a macro that would have everyone shoot auto or have everyone shoot burst or have everyone shoot single AND reload if they can't shoot. Talk about a quality of life improvement. Going through Vegas, you could single shot the scavengers, burst the weaker robots, and auto the larger groups and/or tougher robots. With just three keys. That would be so nice!

4. Reorder inventory and skill like in original game. I know this is supposed to be available in next release (1.08) but still want to mention it. Would be helpful.

5. Have the wheel mouse switch between item/skill list pages, forward and back. Right now we can't do that at all with the mouse. Have to move hand to keyboard (W/S or UpArrow/DownArrow).

6. Have Camp actually run until everyone is healed. Maybe allow us to cancel it with ESC if it would take too long (like in a building). Or even better, have time go faster inside a building or any area where there is no random encounters. Then we wouldn't have to keep going outside and finding a HOT tile to camp 4+ times to heal up. We could jump into an Abandoned Building and camp. Would be way more convenient.

I'll add to this list if I think of anything else.
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Re: My wishlist

Post by rakenan »

These all seem like great suggestions, and mostly mirror my own experience. I think your macro suggestion may be a bit ambitious, and greatly exceeds the original macro feature of the classic game, but I 100% agree that macros are needed for the best Wasteland play experience. The game is designed to have a lot of repetition, for example when trying to pick a particularly stubborn lock or treat anybody more than SERiously injured with a low Medic skill. the Camp command is a big help even in its current iteration, but there's a lot more repetition that we should be able to streamline baked into Wasteland's game design.
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Re: My wishlist

Post by Lusverunza »

Finished today. Also did a GOG review for the game which already included some wishes for a remastered version:

- ability to store items (maybe a shoplike cupboard in the ranger center?)
- ability to "store" NPC: seither keep them where they are, let them return to their "home/start" (might include a check/feedback, if they make it, when you dismiss them in chochise for example) or let them move to ranger center for "rehiring". This might even be made individual for each NPC (mayor pedros might like to stay in quartz)
- some more unique feedback or comments, depending on what NPCs you have in the party
- possibility to change characters with a keystroke (since all function and number keys are already used, maybe define a +/- or up/down key to scroll through chars)
- ability to "restart", import/export chars
- more portrait and model choices for the rangers
. modding support and maybe an editor (for community content maps)?

@Jake1138: I hope you do not mind that i used your wishlist thread to add my wishlist!
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