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Bug in BT4 digital manual (CrowdOx)

Posted: May 15th, 2019, 9:12 am
by Hedini

I hope that somebody can help me here as the CrowdOx-support is unwilling to help me with this.

I am a backer and the BT4 digital PDF manual I can download from their site has a flaw on page 20 just left the heading "Masteries": There is some kind of PDF-code visible stating "jpeg;base64,/

The first mail I sent them was in September 2018, the second one followed in November 2018 and now my third try a few days ago.
All I get as an answer from them is a simple "Thank you very much." or a "If you took no new actions on Crowd Ox recently, but received a new email concerning digital fulfillment of rewards anyway, you can disregard that email.". That's not what I asked for and it shouldn't be that hard to just fix the error and re-export the PDF-file... or update the file if this has already been fixed.


P.S.: I am using the latest Adobe Acrobat Reader DC, so this should not be the problem. :)