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Could we please get quick save if the stability is going to remain so poor?

Posted: October 28th, 2018, 2:14 pm
by MeNaceNZ
I've noted since the recent patch that my stability has actually got worse and I get irregular crashes often after a reasonable period between save points.

For example the final fight at the top of Sentry tower.
During the opponents turn it just crawls to a massive slow as they seemingly "decide" on what to do (framerate is fine, animations don't seem to be lagging - they just take forever to do anything). Then, more often than not, I get the dreaded "Fatal Error" crash and lose all the work I'd done.
Is the time that these paladins take to take their turn normal as it seems to do this on the ones out in the wilds too?

Same thing happened in Magrans Tower ... was progressing fine and then "Fatal Error" and again I lost progress since the save.

Seemed to have settled down a bit by dropping my resolution to 1080P (though I've yet to retry Sentry Tower) but I have a 4K monitor and a GTX 1080 so I really shouldn't have to game at 1080P as it's damn ugly (I was playing the game 1440P with over 60 FPS easily, 4K performance itself is too low FPS for me).

At this stage I have to quit the game before every fight just to "save" and thats a pretty silly thing to have to do since you've effectively allowed me to save as long as I restart the game?

I'm enjoying the game but I am quickly losing enjoyment and faith in the developers when I lose hard earned progress due to technical issues and a fundamental design flaw of having no quick save.

So while stability issues are worked through surely it wouldn't be too much to ask to have a simple F5 quicksave put in that only works outside of combat so we can at least not lose progress when it does inevitably crash whilst you work on stability?


Re: Could we please get quick save if the stability is going to remain so poor?

Posted: October 30th, 2018, 2:46 pm
by Riboflavin
I agree with this and I am almost finished with the game. Actually finished not just rage quitting.

I like the game alot. It hits me properly in the nostalgia and the game itself is actually fun. However, the bugs, good lord the bugs and crashes.

I cannot play more than an hour without something happening. It is usually something different.

So Far:

1)Endless battle where the enemy refuses to take his turn. (fixed I think)
2)Falling through the floor like on a bad FPS when I charge an enemy to fight them.
3)Multiple times, moving a few people and ending up with 2 people on the same square. I can select both of them if I click carefully but only one of them can act.
4) When an additional wave comes having one character decide to never recharge his powers no matter how many rounds go on.
5)Crashes to desktop running past traps.
6)Crashes to desktop if I quit the game without going to the main menu first.
7)Crashes when combat starts.
8)Not getting a quest reward when I finished the Logician's Dinner Party thus cutting off what I hope is a side quest.

The save at monument system is better for this game but being unable to save every 5 minutes makes crashing/bugs very frustrating.

The bugs have turned this game from one I would play again to one I enjoyed but am now just trying to finish. I can only hope that you had to release it for budgetary reasons because honestly missing this many bugs seems like gross negligence. FYI, I recommended it on Steam because I like it but sheesh it's Battlecruiser 3000AD release buggy.

Re: Could we please get quick save if the stability is going to remain so poor?

Posted: November 26th, 2018, 8:01 pm
by CyberCrist
There is quick save for PC. It's in the menu, you have to turn it on. Then you can hit F5 to save, F9 to load

Re: Could we please get quick save if the stability is going to remain so poor?

Posted: November 27th, 2018, 6:01 am
by thebruce
It was in the most recent "Second Sight" update, new since the OP request.