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Blood of Kings questline does not update

Posted: October 11th, 2018, 6:29 pm
by Taipan
I have advanced to nearly the end of the Blood of Kings questline. Have solved the 5 bells puzzle and reached the ballroom where Lagoth Zanta resides. Quest mission stage is: "Defeat Lagoth Zanta". I enter, view the cutscene with Yadis, enter combat and defeat him. Then follows a piece where the ghost of Lagoth Zanta speaks to Yadis and gives you a clue as to what comes next. This is where the bug starts, because the voiceover of Zanta's speech is very faint and I had to turn up my volume to the max to hear it. Then the ghost disappears, you can pick up your combat loot with the Soul key in it, open the chest etc. Here is the BUG part: the questline does not update after the victory. It keeps saying "Defeat Lagoth Zanta". Blue map markers keep pointing me to the castle, even though I made my way back to the village to report to the Jarl in vain.
Behind the loot in the ballroom is a lever on the floor. I assume that this lever would unlock all remaining doors, including the ones with the big red magic seals over it, and allow for a faster way back to the village than walking all the way through the sewer traps.
However the lever on the floor cannot be interacted with, for me. Not clickable or having a blue highlight.

Now what? Please do not tell me I must abandon the game with 90% of the main storyline done !

Additional info: I know my PC is old and can barely run this game, and its graphics etc, but I did make it this far....

Re: Blood of Kings questline does not update

Posted: October 16th, 2018, 7:29 am
by Pacatus
The hotfix should resolve your issue if you redo the combat with Zanta