Unable to use gearbox mechanism in ulstrom woods

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Unable to use gearbox mechanism in ulstrom woods

Post by Indyisalive » October 9th, 2018, 8:05 am


It appears that I have encounterd some plotstopper. After finishing The Last rookery and retrieving Zanta´s reliquary I have entered the Ulstrom woods. There is a gearbox mechanism that requires two cogs. I have found one to the left after solving some fairy puzzle and i used it in beforementioned mechanism. Unfortunately i am unable to find the second cog. I have consulted the guidebook and it shows the second cog near a crate on a cliffside. I have located this cliffside and the crate but there is no cog. Is there an alternate way to find another viable cog or does this mean the end of the road?

Many thanks in advance for helpful replies

Edit: It looks like no one is able to help, but maybe some details might do the trick. After the latest patch (today) the mechanism is telling me that i am missing a so called simple drive cog (I am playing german version by the way). As i have mentioned above i have acquired one cog from this puzzle. That appears to be an activation cog. Up to this moment i have found three more cogs, but those are just simple cogs and no simple drive cogs. So are there more simple drive cogs to be found? If no i guess the game is broken for me and all that is left to do is to delete it. Is there a chance for refunding, i wonder?

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