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Rhyme of duotime GOD mode bug

Posted: October 4th, 2018, 7:46 am
by Spankey
ok so put a horn on ur bard and then get 7 drunk stacks, then just proc rhyme of duotime and keep drinking over and over (works even better if u have "mean drunk")until at some point u have enough drunk stacks to do about 400 dmg or even more and after the battle is over, that buff is not removed, so when u enter ur next battle (or any battle after you did that, your bard can 1 shot kill absolutely any foe in the game just by drinking...
not to mention that if your bard protected any one while hes that drunk then that some one now has a crazy amount of HP...

UPDATE: characters restored to original state after LOADING INTO a new area. so at least it doesn't break the game permanently, just until the next load screen.

Dev team, 1 request, when u fix this please make sure the save file is still playable....
pay attention to the values on the left side of the characters, these absolutely apply in combat and im taking these pics out of combat
i didn't take a pic but Melody there has over 1k HP