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the game barely works, need ton of help.

Posted: October 2nd, 2018, 3:48 pm
by Spankey
copying my msg from the GOG forum.

the game freezes at every battle forcing to restart the PC
the freeze happens at different battles at different parts of the battles when an action is about to be performed by your party members, different members and actions every time

also, another bug that happens before the patch (and is still there):
at some point in combat, the characters become unclickable anymore, for whatever purpose, you can override this bug using TAB ir clicking the square of the character without clicking the character avatar itself, still annoying tho, usually happens with characters at the front line but i experienced this bug with all characters at all positions, this usually happens somewhere when ur about to finish Sara brae and move to beadish or in beadish, at the point where ur characters are evolved enough to have really long turns and long combos with your characters, the longer and more versatile the move combo the higher the chance to stumble on this bug, once it happens the character cannot be clicked for the remainder of the fight, not just 1 specific turn.

fix it!!!! :(((

had to uninstall the game and reinstall it fresh, now the game no longer freezes, but the whole combat system is a messy stockpile of bugs, moving characters around waste a movement point and doesn't move the character either it moves is but doesn't switch places and u end up with 2 characters in the same square (this is in addition to the bugs written above.

i hate being so critical because this game is so awesome and totally took me back to when i was 14 playing "Might & Magic" not to mention that this game is really interesting and i love the mechanics and all ... i really LOVE IT, wish i could just properly play it....

oh heres another "wtf moment"
for some unknown reason, all the Lore items just vanished, as if the Tab was always empty, i managed to find the last save file where i had them and the save file where they disappeared, nothing special happened there, i even checked all the merchants to make sure i didnt accidently sold it off or somthing, super weird

Edit number 4:
and now on top of all that been mentioned im also getting game crashes with a Fatal Error and no further explenation.
i really want to cry of how much i want to play this game and how much it lacks stability to be able to do that, the amount of bugs is crazy, really.
i am sorry to say this, mainly because i know for sure that i will enjoy playing this game, but, you shouldnt have released the game yet, its not ready.
i would prefer to wait another month and then just play instead of wasting my time on issues in the game, like seriously guys, at least 15% of my total play time was wasted on bugs and stuff i had to repeat over and over and over (and over) due to bugs happening before i get to save the game, like im freaking paranoid that the game will crush before the next luckstone (which it does...)

was doing the fight in the 3rd floor (or is it 2nd? depends in u count the ground floor as a 1 or 0) sinister tower (btw GJ on that one, was the 1st fight in the game i finally found any difficulty in) and since i died there (3 times till i figured it out lol) and then the game crash before i get to a luck stone.
this is frustrating as hell guys.

and if any hissy pissy developer from InXile is reading this, stop being hissy pissy and say thanks, most ppl would just demand a refund instead of bringing this all up to u guys, please dont dissapoint me, id hate to be doing that, i know this game will rock.

Re: the game barely works, need ton of help.

Posted: October 2nd, 2018, 4:24 pm
by Spankey
i can't be the only one having such issues

i have assembled video examples of some of the bugs (and all of that is just 1 fight that i was lucky enough didn't crush)

enemies floating instead of standing on the ground:

Character becomes impossible to select unless you click between the borders of the space its located on and between the avatar itself:

Backline enemies become impossible to select (u will notice a second they become highlighted but i since the anymation keeps moving its only an unexpected second that the action become avaliable and cannot be caught in time to perform):

and my personal favorite, the moonwalk: