[BUG] Quest pointer only shows on Main Quest

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[BUG] Quest pointer only shows on Main Quest

Post by Samedh » September 30th, 2018, 7:12 am

I'm not positive that this was not intended, or there was not time enough to finish it, but the helpful quest direction pointer (blue rune shows where to go for next step) does not show on any quest that is not the main quest.

If I switch to a side quest, there is no indicator of any direction or spot, even when I am on the same map that the objective is on. For some side quests, you get to wander to all the points of interest on the map, move to the next map, etc.

Would it be possible to have mouseover's of door's on the map (indicates entrance to POI's or another map) give a helpful tooltip? Helpful tooltip's for all objects would be awesome. As it is, some locations are not marked on the map with anything informative, mouseover yields nothing - you have to go there to find out what it is. I tried looking them up in the Guide, and the maps there contain partial information, or ar missing POI's for side quests.

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