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Various Bugs

Posted: September 26th, 2018, 9:10 am
by Khaliel
I've noticed what appear to be several bugs in the game, and am dropping this message to let the devs know of them in case they aren't known yet.

I learned the Master Thief ability on my bow rogue to try and get some free loot, but it hasn't been working. The ability has a reasonable chance of success of about 1 in 4 in my experience, and the rogue will make one of several statements about getting extra loot or some such remark, but no extra loot is gained, and none of the items I tried to purchase are received for free, as the amount of money I end up with is not increased from the amount it would cost to buy the items legitimately.

Also, I did not receive the puzzle weapon from Mother Nairn's chest. I looted the chest, but did not receive the weapon, and the chest is now clickable, but un-openable, as the key required to open it has been used, and it is still locked. I'm unsure if the weapon or other loot is still in it, or if the weapon was inside a tall. Which brings me to the third issue.

Sometimes when using loot all on a container, you will not receive the items inside, but they will be gone when you open it again.

The next issue is, the door that is supposed to open in the sentry tower when you play the song by stepping on plates on the floor will not open if the nearby dwarven puzzle is in the completed configuration (unsure about other configurations, but at least 1 works, so there is a workaround for now).

And finally, some of the consumable stones seem to return after they have been consumed, and can be used again as save points, or just consumed over and over. The amount of experience they give seems to be lower than what they initially gave, but this doesn't seem like something that was intended.

And finally, thank you for a truly innovative game that is giving many peaople a huge amount of entertainment, and keep up the good work!

Re: Various Bugs

Posted: October 3rd, 2018, 10:40 pm
by Khaliel
I'm now unable to swap out the dancing lights spell. I can swap it temporarily, but on a scene transition or game load, it will reset whatever I switched it with to dancing lights

I'm also not getting the extra skill points from Baedish Studies

Master Thief appears to he working now, and I haven't seen loot all bug out recently either.