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Gameplay exploit: early Berserker's Tribute

Posted: May 5th, 2020, 6:20 pm
by manderson99
There's an exploit that lets you get the Berserker's Tribute very early in the game. For those of you in the know, gaining it early means potentially earning a ton of xp at a low level (if you know what you're doing).


Step one: Make sure Struggler's Lament is active. That's all.


Step one: Play the game normally until you finally reach the Insriach.

Step two: Once you reach the area where you begin the Logician's Dinner Party quest, use Struggler's Lament to open the gate.

Step three: Grab everything inside, and talk to the quest NPC. Mission accomplished. You now have the Berserker's Tribute well before the game intends for you to have it.


Just because you have the Berserker's Tribute doesn't mean it's good for anything. You still need to figure out how to use it, and you need to be strong enough to face those challenges. Good thing there's an unlimited SP exploit that lets your practitioner kill unlimited waves of enemies, right? And Fatherites. And pretty much anything else.

Ease of Execution:

Can you make your way to Torr Fion? If not, I don't know what to say . . .

Struggler's Lament was not designed to let you bypass huge parts of the game. It's there to get you past a puzzle in the same basic context that you would get through the puzzle by solving it normally. The Logician's Dinner Party is a notable exception, since completing that quest requires you to visit numerous locations. Struggler's Lament breaks that entire process and lets you complete the quest immediately, unlocking another quest that lets you earn huge XP. And that's why it's broken.

I can't think of any way to fix it without drastically changing the way Struggler's Lament works right now. Which might have unintended consequences. You might be able to alter the quest a bit, such as making a chest appear out of nowhere to deliver the final quest item, instead of just putting it behind a gate? But then you would have to re-record the voice lines for the quest and . . . stuff.