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Baedish Lowlands (Dwarf Inside-Mountain-Land)

Posted: December 30th, 2018, 2:52 am
by benmillion
Right next to Insriach. Like, a few yds on the coast next to the big circle burning man forest of insriach HQ. There's a door. goes into a mountainside. there's some Charn at the entrance. kill them or die, not chill.

and then the ultimate puzzle from hell to solve. to open up the next door and... progress to...

no one talks about it. no info online.

ive spent a few hours on that puzzle. it's cool. but. I just want to like endgame intense battle fight or something. cast nuke.

is there a way to bypass this puzzle to end all puzzles. or see a schematic of which blocks to push where.
so I can get to the awesomeness that no one else has ever seen or heard of.thanks. in advance.