Opinions on Race/Class combos

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Opinions on Race/Class combos

Post by CoarseDragon » November 9th, 2018, 11:00 am

I would like to see peoples opinions on different Race/Class combinations.

If this has already been discussed please post a link.

Sorry if this has already been posted and discussed.

Thanks :D

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Re: Opinions on Race/Class combos

Post by benmillion » December 28th, 2018, 2:49 pm


that's the best configuration for the most powerful and versatile.
the only issue is, glass cannon.

I guess there's elven armor.

but that armor like. sucks.

archmage robes and stuff. blade casting looks weak and a waste at first. but dual wielding. using dagger to get spell points plus soul leech.

the only real divider that prevents this archetype from ruling them all.

is max strength or max intelligence.

and with blade casting it becomes difficult to allocate points to get all of the peak practitioner labels. like "wizard" "sorcerer" etc.

I have one practitioner that's all strength tree. and one that's all intelligence.

the strength sage is a cleric, summoner, and has archmage spells like spectre touch. with fully maxed out strength, she hits for over 200 damage with spectre touch. and with her cleric restore over 50 hp I think restored.

the intelligence sorcerer girl I didn't make, but configured. is the green lady. who's the best character in the game.
with maxed out intelligence. she will do upwards of 80 damage with mangar's mallet. essentially the entire opposition board is hammered for 80. kills most or all in one or two shots.

but. the lagging cloth armor, non tank ability. is rough. so I have three clerics. and always have to have restore and resurrect active.

when I had some sort of fantasy about summoning greater demons like in the original bards tale.
I keep trying to use necro tome, summon all those minions. and it kind of majorly sucks. theory they would be the tanks. I could play with only three characters in my party.

are there any other good classes? I guess rogue can do high DPS. but. only against 1 v 1. and a lot of enemies late game are only effected by mental damage. and rogues die easier than cloth wearers which makes no sense.

bards own but only for crowd control imho/

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