Simple Cog (still)

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Simple Cog (still)

Post by jarredwalton » October 12th, 2018, 2:03 pm

I've finished the game, with very few untidy ends to clean up. One that I never figured out is the missing Simple Cog puzzle near the Skara Brae underground adventurer's guild. Pretty sure I got the two cogs I have from Kylearan's Tower and the Wheatsheaf Inn. I can't find the third, either in the game or via Google. Anyone? I've solved the other two missing cogs puzzles, but must have missed the third cog in Skara Brae.

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Re: Simple Cog (still)

Post by DNACowboy » October 13th, 2018, 11:52 am

Hey, you know where Mother Naine is in Torre Fione? Pass through the village proper and keep to the left, then bear left, look and you will see a very tall chap standing there, just behind him are some steep steps down and below lies an old mining area called 'The Quarry' (see map below) where Melanie the singer takes song requests. The last 'simple cog' is there.

See the pink pointer marker?


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