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Re: Another "I Completed It, Here's What I Think" Post

Posted: October 25th, 2018, 12:12 pm
by ad1066
It can always be handled the way Elder Scrolls does it. NPC says "We have to go to xxx to do xxx!" And you have the options "Let's go, already." or "Hold on, I need to take care of some things first."

-- Ben

Re: Another "I Completed It, Here's What I Think" Post

Posted: October 30th, 2018, 5:00 pm
by rmcoen
Just finished. (don't know how long) I thought I did most of the side quests, but I was pretty upset to find that I couldn't go clean things up after the Isles. Scorcherer, Harkyn's, etc. Why'd you block off the UnderBrae? why, with all my colossal power, can't I fry a couple wooden planks over a doorway? No getting drunk the dude on the docks. No finding out what's in those dwarven ruins (I fought my way in, couldn't figure out the stone puzzle, went on my way)

But, as the OP said... did I really need to do another side quest for... 99 gold? Meh. I ran out of gold once, when I first got to the Isles, mostly because I bought a couple adamast armors and all the wine and stuff... but about that time, I also realized I could win every fight in 1 round (or "2", where I hide and meditate on round 1).

I sent Fiona to her doom - thought she'd do a better job than Rabbie.

And... no one gets to hear my Tale? In a game called "Bard's Tale", with 2 bards in the party, and a bard in charge of the Adventurers' Guild... no tale.

Re: Another "I Completed It, Here's What I Think" Post

Posted: October 31st, 2018, 6:22 am
by Loswaith
Having finished it now, Jalis does a great job of summing it up, as I had much the same feelings as presented in that post.

I rarely had a fighter, not really getting one until Lioslaith, and then I didn't really use her much to tank, mostly using Green Lady and Crux to blast things and Wringneck to slaughter things, while Mellody to tank a bit early on and later joining Fiona in using songs and feeding spell points. I cant say I ever missed having a fighter.
The combat system was a nice idea (feeling a little like disciples to me), though tended to feel like one character (with multiple personalities) rather than a group working together (though I guess that could be seen as a group truly working as one).

Likewise I could have done with fewer puzzles (though they were at a good level for me), nd maybe a bunch more secret areas even i they just gave some lore.
Likewise the Elven puzzle weapons were a nice idea, but I never really felt I needed to solve them as you only got the boons not better stats as well (I never did use all the shrines), essentially solving them just to solve them (though some indication when complete would have been great). While I had a distinct lack of green seeds all in all, I'm not sure if that was just RNG messing with me.

All in all while it didn't run the greatest for me in the Inshriach (likely to be expected having the suggested minimum graphic card) especially in the heavily forested areas, much of the rest run reasonably well and I only crashed the one time pre-patch 2 (shadow quality had the most impact, though seemed to effect light levels as well).

The highlights for me were the music and the character's interacting with each other (wonderful job there), even more so over the story. Though I enjoyed playing all the way through.

All in all I'd think it could have used atleast a few more months baking fully, both for bug squashing and power balance. :)

Here's adding to the hope we can get more in the future, having learnt from the aspects that didn't work so well.

Thanks, for the game.