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The Bard's Tale IV Gameplay FAQ

Posted: September 26th, 2018, 11:15 am
by phimseto
Hi there,

The Bard's Tale IV is out now, and many players have asked us questions about the game. We'll be updating this thread on an ongoing basis with common questions and answers about gameplay mechanics, puzzles and more.

Helpful Materials

Digital Guidebook

All copies of The Bard's Tale IV PDF include a digital guidebook, which contains walkthroughs for many of the puzzles you come across in the game. I encourage you to take a look there first for any puzzles you might be having troubles with.

To find this helpful booklet:
  • Steam: Navigate to the game's Steam install folder and check for the "Extras" subfolder.
  • GOG: Check your digital extras included with your GOG download, either in GOG Galaxy or in your GOG Library page.
  • CrowdOx: You should have the Digital Guidebook among your digital rewards. Check your CrowdOx rewards email or login to your account on the CrowdOx web site.

Game Manual

The game manual is also a good source of basic information about gameplay. If you need a link to the game manual, you can find it here: ... 1537568790

Gameplay Questions

How does the Save System Work?

The Bard's Tale IV uses both save checkpoints, and also saves when you exit the game from the Pause Menu.

If you use a Luck Stone, you will regain all your party's health back, and the game will be saved. You cannot re-save at the same Luck Stone repeatedly. Exiting from the Pause Menu will save the game, but will not restore your health.

What does hard difficulty change?

Hard mode increases the stats of all enemies above their base values, including their Health, Power, Armor, Focus and Mana. It does not currently change loot or rewards.

Where is the Review Board? How can I find it?

The Review Board is located on the downstairs floor of the old Adventurer's Guild in Skara Brae Underground.

The main purpose of the Review Board is to allow your characters to advance to their next tier of skills once they have allocated enough skill points. Once you've visited the Review Board, you can speak to them about advancement and more skills will become available.

Will I miss story content if I create a custom party?

No. The custom characters have just as much writing and dialog as the pre-made story characters. Creating a custom party will give you access to unique banters and conversations based on the characters you create and their voice types, but you will not lose access to any story or gameplay content.

Is there a digital version of the code wheel?

We currently do not have one available, but some of our community members have created them. You can find one of our favorites over here: viewtopic.php?f=43&t=19623

How do I reset puzzles?

Many puzzles that rely on pushing blocks and objects can be reset using the Bard song "The Stone Remembers". To reset the puzzle, play the song while standing next to or on top of the purple glowing rune on the floor nearby.

How do I find the premium edition items?

Several bonus items require a special code to be redeemed on your save file, which are only available with certain editions of the game. You can find any codes available to you inside the "Extras" folder in the game's install directory on Steam, or among your GOG or CrowdOx downloads.

Kael's Axe, the Fire Horn, and the Bardic Brian Booty bonus items are all available in the Adventurer's Guild shorty after the start of the game. For the Red Boots, search the Grand Plaz area in Skara Brae Underground - you will find them on a charred corpse in a hanging cage.

The Lute of Compulsory Cavorting is a special crowdfunded unlock that is in the game for everyone, no codes or unlocks required. The lute is available via vendors, victory drops, and in a crate across from the Adventurer's Guild in Skara Brae Underground (but requires solving a puzzle to get to).

Likewise, the Bardic Brian Skin is available to all players. To use it, create a custom character and select Bard as your archetype. You'll have Brian as one of the Bard portrait options.