No way to respec? Mods or save editing¿?

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BT4 has been in my backlog and library for quite a while, finally went onwards in the game and its been 4 hours, after searching google for a bit it seems the mercenary tokens (wich would be a way to respec?) do not work?¿

In a game that requires trial and error with (lots of) build adjustments, having no way to respec is a terrible design choice. I had an awful time with that in Pillars of Eternity.
I get it for old Baldur's Gate series as the game had tons of replay value (with little else to play at the time) or Diablo 2 as quick leveling multiple chars was a thing.
But in 2018 where play time is a lot more valuable, and in a "one and done" title? (I'll wager nobody replays this)

Gonna restart my game and try to check back here in a few days, probably there will be no reply telling me of a way to respec... But hey you never know!
At wich point I'll have to check online for a useful guide into each class, way to get spoiled on the mechanics and builds :(

(Really surprised to see no respec in this game. Please, have more common sense in your future designs! ^^)

TL;DR - Topic Title :)
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You can do it in the guild hall cellar
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If you have access to the Haernhold, you can respec at the dwarven shrine near the entrance iirc, even without a mercenary token.
But you need to overcome the first fight there, which is tough until you've completed the Forest of Inshriach quest.
(All going by memory here, it's been a while since I finished the game.)
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Wow! SO there is respec!! =DDD

I stand corrected and humbly apologize.

Searched in google prior to posting and all answers I saw were "no respec even with tokens">

Many thanks to you both!
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