Patch 1.5 release notes

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Patch 1.5 release notes

Post by phimseto » July 13th, 2017, 4:07 pm

inXile Entertainment released Patch 1.5 for The Mage's Tale today, bringing smooth locomotion to the game, along with a bevy of other adjustments and fixes.


Patch Notes:
  • Quicker Load Times - Players should experience faster transition periods when changing zones
  • Optional Smooth Movement (Free Movement Controls)
  • Options to hide the aiming reticle
  • Options to hide the sensor assistance for 360 players.
  • Various smaller bug fixes.
We have also added a "Panic Reset" for players who clip into walls/get stuck in frames.

To utilize it, here is what you need to do: Hold down LeftTrigger+LeftGrip+X and RightTrigger+RightGrip+A all at once for 10 seconds.

This reloads your last save and places you at the beginning of the dungeon, where you will no longer be stuck. You will have to walk back to your location in the dungeon but will not have to complete puzzles or combats and will still have collected items.  

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