Luck skills

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Luck skills

Post by GodComplex » November 14th, 2017, 3:53 pm

So I picked up Hard West a while back and found that they had an interesting take on their 'luck' stat. First being that your luck was effectively your armor class. So you had X amount of luck and when you were shot at, but the shot missed, your luck bar went down and when your luck hit 0 you would be automatically hit. Course you could get hit regardless, but when you got hit, your luck bar refilled.

The other aspect was that you have 'luck skills.' Things like ricochet and rapid fire. These of course, depleted your luck gauge, thus making it more likely you'll be hit. Either way, I recall luck was a bit of a debate during WL2 and I thought these ideas were a good use for the stat.
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Re: Luck skills

Post by Stuurminator » November 14th, 2017, 6:04 pm

Hard West aims for a very different feel and tone than Wasteland does. In Hard West, magic and occultism are a very strong and plot-integral part of the game world, while Wasteland never goes further than fortune telling and whatever the business with the Bloodstaff was. Even things that aren't explicitly magical, like ricochets and rapid fire, are probably too fantastical for Wasteland's style of combat, which tops out at fist-fighting robots or spectacularly resilient mutants.

Furthermore, I've read that there is actually no RNG affecting incoming shots in Hard West - either player's luck score stops the shot or it doesn't. That doesn't really gel with Wasteland, which has (rightly or wrongly) always relied on RNG for its combat.

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