about difficulty levels for wl3

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about difficulty levels for wl3

Post by demeisen »

I played through WL2DC a month or so back on Ranger difficulty, and enjoyed the hell out of it, although I wished for a little bit harder play, so I wanted to play again on SJ. I started, but ended up not being able to get into it. Here's what I think put me off a little.

On SJ, the enemies felt too much like "bullet sponges", where you can pump round after round after round into a non-armored or lightly-armored human and it keeps on trucking. While in a sense that does "make the game harder", it didn't end up feeling very satisfying. I know the game isn't trying to be a realistic simulation, which is fine, but SJ went a little too far for my tastes.

I think I'd have enjoyed SJ more if instead of everything becoming a bullet sponge, you instead fought more enemies per encounter, each of which was about the same as it would be on Ranger. That makes the game harder too, but along a different axis. Your party's actions-per-round are now distributed among more enemies, and you take more incoming fire per round from those enemies. It takes you longer to kill the larger number of them, and you have more risk of being overrun or flanked. It also rewards area attack weapons more like shotguns and grenades, while still providing overall harder play.

I suppose it might be more developer effort to test the encounters each way, but I hope WL3 does something a little different than WL2 did for handling difficulty levels.

Instead of SJ, I might try "rolling my own" difficulty by playing on Ranger with a smaller squad, which would would be similar in spirit to the above suggestion. Still, it'd be nice to play with a full squad and have larger fights.
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Re: about difficulty levels for wl3

Post by undecaf »

I liked how Fallout and Fallout 2 - to my recollection - handled difficulty by having two difficulty gauges (gameplay and combat) and lowering the base skills with increased difficulty levels (and I think there was a chance for more enemies per encounter too on higher difficulties, but I can't remember for sure, I just have a recollection from year and years ago of early highwayman gangs that were twice the size they used to -- made outdoorsman all the more useful too). I don't remember if the enemies were on higher levels, but I don't remember it feeling any more bulletspongy, I just missed more. All in all it felt pretty natural.
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