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Community localization for Wasteland 3?

Post by Demetrios »

I know that community localization for Wasteland 2 wasn't very successful but I see that professional localization for TToN also had a lot of issues. So I wonder what inXile will decide to do with Wasteland 3?

I'm sure that an idea of community localization isn't bad because for some languages there no other way to get localization (professional localization can be done only to 5-6 languages, but there are 25 languages on Steam and in some of them there is a huge fan base with very low or no English literacy). So it will be very useful if inXile will provide some tool for localization or setup online service at launch (CrowdIn or Transifex, I guess they better than GetLocalization). And open it for all languages, not only for few chosen. Because you'll never know in what language there will be a fan team able to make a good community localization. I know that some voluntary community localizations are much better than "professional" (especially when developers can't hire a high-grade company that make localizations for AAA games). Some voluntary teams include professional translators who are fans of a game. Of course there no need to hurry and include all community translations to the game immediatly, because good community localization of such huge amount of text can't be done quickly. I guess it's enough to provide an option to test it for everyone who wish. And only good community localizations (based on community response) can be included to the game.

Also I guess that CrowdIn/Transifex/etc can be good to edit bad professional localizations. If inXile will provide a tool/mod like in Director's Cut, this should be more easily. Because 16Mb text file with messed text without any logic: it is very hard to localize even for skilled professional translator. I guess there shoud be at least some logic and order in strings inside a file or few files (interface, items, dialogs etc).

I think that for some major languages like French, German, Spanish, Chinese, Brazilian it is better to hire a company, but for many other (Polish, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Bulgarian, Romanian, Greek, Ukrainian, Finnish, Swedish, Hungarian...) it is better to give a chance to the community.

What do you think about it?
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