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Re: Seven Character Party (4+3)

Posted: June 28th, 2017, 2:46 pm
by Remo
Gizmo wrote:
May 10th, 2017, 7:04 pm
Remo wrote:
May 10th, 2017, 4:32 pm
To be fair, have you ever encounter a tactical AI that [s]you couldn't outwit[/s] didn't left you frustrated in a difficult situation? because if you get past that, it is really easy to RP some human motivation into that scenario that would make sense. Every played DF ?
It's a silliness. There is a difference between one who can follow a plan —but chooses not to, and one who cannot follow a thought from one breath to the next. [..]
That might be true if people could always take a moment to think clearly and make a neat pro/con list, but that is rarely the case. I think that even if we understood the psychology behind human motivation (un/conscious) it would be impossible to predicting how everyone will react in any situation, because there simply too many unknowns.

In either case on the gameplay side, I am not saying that this mechanic couldn't be improved, just that an element of uncertainty adds much to the combat and this is one of the few we got.

Re: Seven Character Party (4+3)

Posted: August 7th, 2017, 2:54 pm
by Lakstoties
Honestly, I'm not seeing any reason you couldn't just allow for 7 or so slots... And just let the player fill them as they please.

Now, you can initially be limited to 4 player created characters, but after certain missions or plot points you get the opportunity to recruit another player created party member. Let's say you help a town greatly, and the Ranger's reputation allows you to browse through new "applicants" to add another member to the squad. And you'll have a number of pre-gens for players to browse, but you'll have an options create one to add.

This way, the player can load up with NPCs, pre-gens, or their own characters, but still make use of NPCs to flesh out the party early on and maybe keep them if they prove worthy. This route would require a few tweaks to the character system, but it could work out nicely.

Also, it'd be REAL handy for when the game decides that for "bullshit reasons" NPCs are rendered useless towards a critical fight. ... ... ... Yah...

Re: Seven Character Party (4+3)

Posted: August 17th, 2017, 9:52 pm
by Gizmo
An interesting thing I just noticed in the first fight of "Death Knight of Krynn". As the battle began, there was an unfamiliar message pop-up; it said that one of my characters (a Knight) used their leadership ability to lead the NPC knights that had joined the fight. When the battle begain, I had player control over the NPC nights. I suspect that this would not have happened if I hadn't had trained knights in my party.

I've been suggesting this feature for years, and was disappointed (in Fallout 1) that the squad of BOS knights did not follow tactical orders by my PC—who was by that time Brotherhood themselves. Certainly something like this should be possible in WL3.

And here it is right from the manual...
Death-Knights of Krynn Manual— wrote:Knights are valuable for their leadership ability in combat. Whenever a party with a Knight enters combat,
he makes a leadership check. If the check is successful, all NPCs in the party, come under your control like regular PCs.
Chances of success increase dramatically as a Knight rises through the three orders .
So it seems that their ability is not guaranteed for every battle.