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After finishing a game, I generally will try an post up something somewhere as some sort of feedback.

So then. Starting playing this on Christmas Day night, having decided that it would be the New Game (of several options that I have squirreled away), since the days of being able to actually get one for Christmas are gone along with physical boxes and manuals and stuff...

80.5 hours, good for an RPG (with both DLC).

Played on normal difficultly.

Overall, very good. It - for once - didn't frustrate me excessively (far less than many other games) and I didn't feel like I spent half the game fighting the RNG, which for me is HUGE.

I came into this completely blind (heck, I was half-expecting this to be more of an X-Com alike for some reason) not having played any previous installments. A little ambivilent about both Westerns and Post-Apocolpyse stuff in general, so the setting I could take or leave, heresy as I'm sure most of the rest of the fanbase will say.

As such, choosing to do a "lawful good-ish" playthrough from my stock of characters (with one exception) felt like it was a bad choice, really.

Half the fun of this sort of thing is part-building, though so much of boxing day was spent working out and planning my party. I went with a rockeeter (Sneaky Shit, explosives, small arms and in the end game, a sniper rifle, though I was two levels shy of being able to max the forth skill, unfortunately...), a high-charisma leader with shotgun (her main job was rally and get downed characters up), a flame-specialist with Nerd Stuff and an SMG-er (with a side of Lockpicking, and addtional wierd science for flaming SMG damage.) with Jodie as sniper and Lucia as gunner/Kiss-as-er.

Captured Valor, put a bullet in Vic, captured Victory and supported the patriarch. Got Blue and the workers on Steeltown and harmonised the Cult. Did my damndest with the machines to be nice (as I am default on Team not-the-humans if given the chance, and especially Team Robot), save for that first bounty; thus wiped the Gippers.

The combat system was fine overall, though the balance seems very off, especially towards the end. Armour felt utterly useless, since from start to finish, everything one, two or three shotted my characters. With the margainl excption of the leader character (who even had the extra health-but-can't-rasied quirk) - mostly because the AI seemed to totally ignore her, even if she was out at the front, in favour of running past her and any deployables or minions to shoot the lowest health PC character (usually Lucia). I'm thus not convinced that had I a high-strenght melee-r, it would have made any difference. So combat was a case of having to have initative, or being wiped out. Which meant sometimes not talking to NPCs and just shooting them from sneak attack.

(At the last, the first combat at the Godfisher Shrine where if you let the dialogue take into battle meant that four of my party went down before I could even get a go, and I reloaded when the fifth ent down.)

And the whole "must kill enemy before they get a go" meant that my burgeoning minion army basically stopped being relevant after CotHD, because the enemy had to die first round.

Kind of anticlimatic from Yuma onwards too, since the last real "boss battle" would have been in CotHD. Two dialogue checks circumnavigated the final combat, so the "end-game fight" was my rocketeer splortching a load of refugees (who annoyingly I had done really well with reputationwise the entire game). But, given the Godfisher instance above, it wasn't like I could really... Draw a fight out, since if the enemy got a go, it swung the other way. Literal rocket tag, but probably the most noticble rocket tag I think I've encountered.

Other Pros:
Polly, Provost, Wastewolf/Billyjean, Courageous, Pustule, Poultron, Clone, Flesh Prince, Night Terror, Soviet Security Robot, Party Pal. Having nearly tripled the size of party with minions was delighful.

The humour, especially the parts where it felt like everything was a big set-up for a pun. Without the copious humour, this would have been a very rough play. (Also, being able to press the big red button both times was totally worth it for the reload...)

I liked that there was no real totally useless skill (save arguably for armour modding, used only at base with a back-up ranger), though I didn't get much out of survivial and first aid never got maxed up. Despite what some of the stuff said, Lucia's Weapon Modding came in useful not only for the ammo perk (rockets), but for the mods.

I liked the modding and crafting system; though I snapped up the mod that makes them removable before i even started. Otherwise, I likely would basically never have used it, because I'd always have been "saving" those rare mods and thus never really used them. I much prefer to X-Com 2/BattleTech around with the gear.

Being able to freely change weapons, even from the inventory, in combat. My rocketeer especially benefitted from being able to change between rocket and sniper rifle (as I didn't want or need to use the latter all the time) and being able to keep is pistol as his "secondary" weapon. (In inverted commas, since he used his pistol more than any other weapon over the course of the game...)

Lucia. I dunno know, I think just her voice acting clicked with me particularly.

The moral decisions. I might be in the minority here, but I just don't like the whole "everyone has to do nasty things to survive" motief. Is it realistic? Well, maybe, but I just straight find that aspect of humanity putright offensive at the best of times anyway, so... Very early on, I would make a "I'll probably do that," but then go look up what the consequences were, given the tendacy for "do good and it horribly backfires" thing, especially earlier in the game. Didnt feel like I could trust my gut to do what my character would try to do and not have it smack her in the gace later. I only very grudingly went with the Patriarch when on looking that I would lose Lucia and Jodie, who were my companions through basically the entire game. (Kwon got rotated out as soon as Jodie was available.)

Randomly losing the Provost when entering Yuma for no reason (as why the heck would I want to trade him for a peice of armour that was no use to me...?) and Poultron being assigned to Joide so I lost him too in the last visit to HQ when she was removed from the party. In general, I think the approach of tying special bonus characters to one character is flawed, especially since it doesn't retain it if they leave the party.

Mods being unremovable, as noted.

Delay death, especilly in light of what was said about combat above. It felt like a real cheap way to getting artifical difficulty, since there as no way of avoiding getting characters knocked out.

The distorted UI when wearing the VR helmet. Just borderline not bad enough for me to take the piece of equipment off, but I was decidedly not impressed with it.

Scrap being scarce for most of the game, and then getting an ABSURD amount of scrap at Yuma and not really having any point (or place) to use it. At once point,. i had to burn some precious scrap to make some rockets, which hurt, especially since immediately afterwards, I started finding so many rockets around or restored to the vendors I was never short again.

Other mentions:
The music. Inoticed it (which means it isn't bad), but I'm not a country-weatern fan particularly. But I did appreciate that it was high quality work that had gone into it, even though it was not my cup of tea personally. (I don't know what it says about cultural osmosis that I reckonised the Gilligan's Isle theme, even though I have never watched that program in my entire life; I don't know if it ever aired in the UK.)

There's probably other stuff, but it's late now, so I'll leave it at that.

Now the big question tomorrow is what I will play next.
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It's always good for us to have in-depth feedback like this. Thanks for taking the time to post this here.
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No problem.

Actually, one other point worth bringing up that I forgot at the time - it might seem trivial to most people, but I particularly appreciated that in the character customisation, skin colour was not locked to human tones as the only option. While having a selection of human tones is fine for the majority, it's very preferrable to be able to go outside that, too. (Something Wyldermyth, which I'm playing now, also does.) I like having the option of having a grey-skinned dude or a blue-skinned girl or something and wish more games let you have the option. As I say, it's kind of a minor point, but one I personally feel worth mentioning.
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