I hope for more powerloaders in the second dlc

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Exactly what the subject says :D I played the Steeltown dlc and found the new powerloader enemies a great addition to the game. Really hope we get to see something similar if not more of the same in the second dlc. Great job devs!
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I didnt actually see the powerloader really in action or what impact that ability had. And besides that i didnt like combat in Steeltown too much regarding the disruptor mechanic. To be fair, it was sth new and different. But then combat with the disruptor weapons is super dumbed down. You were working on your characters and enhanced their crit%, crit multipliers, strike rate and dmg modifiers, possibly including fire/frost/energy dmg, but none of that is relevant when you disrupt someone in Steeltown. The only relevant offensive stats are AP and hitchance. There are also no strike attacks, reducing options in combat. Therefore i personally hope to not see this again anywhere else in the game.
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