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General discussion about Wasteland 3.
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So there's going to be one more DLC until the developers declare WL3 "finally done."
They mainly seem interested in adjusting co-op features I'm not qualified to speak on, but the rest of the info about the update looks to be about keeping the game fun. I'm interested in finding out just how some of the features plays out- such as changing the endgame "point of no return" to allow players to go to Steeltown instead of trapping them in the Speedway-Liberty-Colorado-Springs sequence. I'm sure we'll get something interesting for the last DLC.
'Could be anything. A proper hunting/fighting area? Hunting down Mr Funtimes? Finding out what happened to Norad? Bringing the Breathers and the robots together? Finding some Serpoids?

I wonder if there will ever be a Wasteland 4, but there's more ideas to go, more states adjoining Arizona, and more justice to bring to the lawless- as long as the ammo holds out!
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