Wl3 and Late-game grinding.

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Wl3 and Late-game grinding.
We're all familiar by now with the worldmap of WL3. We go out, try not to die, explore, try not to die, and win a few victories.
But in all that, I find that I'm not getting all the player levels I could. The random encounters just seem to dry up. I've had it with driving around like a gullible idiot, I want there to be some enemies to fight.
Granted, I've found a few by very low random chance, but was total party killed every time in the first round. It sure would have been different if I could level up. So, it's possible, in the same way that a 1 out of a hundred is possible: observably none.
And there's a Survival skill that, as near as I can understand, is there to help avoid low-ranking random encounters that sop up all your bullets and heals, and time when you just want to get back to Colorado Springs. Does it really keep all the encounters away? So what do you do when you could really go for a encounter against a few low-level goons to keep the encounter-less game fun?
In the first Wasteland game you couldn't _stop_ finding random encounter goons! With the lengthy wait-times of combat, as well as the needless and rather stupid swearing stinking up the game, how much of this departure from the first game's core amusements is someone supposed to take?
The bottom line is that players can be shortchanged down to having the scripted encounters only, and the chances for advancement cut down to only the results from those.
With the Steeltown DLC, there's been a few changes made to the game. Crafting, for example. The ability to turn item junk and scrap into items. And with that, blueprints. I found one in the clown tent, but have not found any new ones in the other Locations.
But this means they've added things to old locations. So why not have a place where you can go fight wolves or something until you get enough points to level up?
Steeltown too hard? Go level up. Can't last through the fight against the tartossers? You need more hit points, go level up. You're just all-around weak in the last parts of the game? Go level up and put some points into hit chances. Unless we're all supposed to win the game on "tourist", a player will need a way to increase levels, get more skill points, and generally be better fighters than their opponents.
So where are we supposed to do that?
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I am with you. I dont mind having an endless amount of world map encounters for the above mentioned reasons. You can still avoid them by using the Survival skill if you want. But it seems like the developers want to control the player levels a bit, thats also why the necessary experience pts for higher levels got increased with some patch (1.3 i think) i guess. But, on the other hand, it doesnt seem necessary when the level scale DLC content like Steeltown.
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