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Re: Allow to respec char

Post by Vandor »

Maybe after they implement hard core mode, I'll just replace my PCs as they die with new ones with the new best mix of skills.
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Re: Allow to respec char

Post by Brimsurfer »

This is stupid to not to allow respec.

May be at supreme jerk you can lock the characters but at all other difficulties, respec'ing should be allowed.

I am pretty sure it will be allowed in future patches I am just not sure why dev's try to pull crap like this at release and then they change it in later patches and act like as they have done us a favor.

It's like selling someone an unfinished product and when the buyer demands for the missing function then you just act like you are doing them favor by giving them what they should've gotten in the first place, with the purchase
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Re: Allow to respec char

Post by Gizmo »

Brimsurfer wrote: October 17th, 2020, 7:56 am This is stupid to not to allow respec.
My gosh, why? :?

To become skilled, the characters would have had to have trained for that, in some cases gone to a school for that, or done apprenticeship for it; possibly for years. This is what they spent their early adulthood learning to be good at. It's who they are. To arbitrarily be allowed to retcon their entire life —after— using them to advantage, (achieving goals, or to survive encounters) is a logical fallacy; their presence in the game cements them as someone who was there. Letting a PC leave the team —replacing them with someone new, is fine (and makes logical sense), but replacing who they always were is... well it shouldn't even be possible, because that would mean that they (suddenly) had never trained to have the skills that got them accepted to the team, and so they didn't have the skills and abilities that they did just prior to rescpec; some they've likely used previously to progress to their present situation. But even if they didn't use them, that reflects the character's past limitations—which would have been different with different skills and abilities.

So how does it work to have a sniper PC pick off the guards to get the team through the door in one mission, and then later to have never trained to be a sniper at all? Or how does a medic save their team mates from dying on the field, to then later on—have never trained as a medic, they went to college to study computers, not medicine... so... how are those wounded PCs still alive in the next mission when they obviously never had a medic?

Once the player has used the character and their talents—roleplayed how they would/ or could react in a situation—benefited by their expertise, those PCs are part of the history. The entire team would not have acted the same way had its members been educated differently, or had they different mental and physical aptitudes.


How is it even possible to roleplay a person whose entire history changes in an instant; making some of their past accomplishments impossible, and giving them new missed opportunities... because why didn't they use their skills (that they didn't have) at the time?

*Respeced characters should have their level and XP's dropped to first level, because they weren't there.
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