Energy Weapons

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Energy Weapons

Post by draxdeveloper » July 8th, 2018, 3:14 pm

So, i saw another discussion about energy weapons saying that not all energy weapons are based on electricity. And i agree with this, so to me would be nice to have another solution: More damage types with armor having resistance/weakness like: plasma, laser, electricity, ballistic, fire (maybe ice? I would love a ice gun). And maybe cutting, blunting piercing (maybe). Different damage types can have chances to apply status (even if it's a small one).
This would be a more realistic approach... And don't need to have all those types, plasma can be similar to laser.
Now, i know that you probably have made all important game design decisions, but here is something that always bothered me, the energy weapons skill.
Not just in wasteland, but in games like fallout, the thing is, we have skills like one handed weapons and two handed weapons inf fallout or more detailed like shotguns,sniper,assault rifle, etc... In WL2. in both cases we are talking about weapon handling (don't know a better word for that). Now, in energy weapons we have energy weapons that are like pistols, sniper rifles and assault rifles (and in some game we even have heavy energy weapons).
But don't matter the way you handle the energy weapon, you always use just one skill.
Now, i don't know a good and elegant way to solve this, but here is a thought, i call this grid weapon system.
Weapons have two skills associated with it: Handling skill (like being a shotgun, a sniper rifle) and tech or source skill (like being a high tech energy weapon or a ballistic weapon)
The main issue with this system is that you would have to account two skills for a weapon, this is harder to balance (but maybe you can make each of then count as half skill in cost and efficiency, or maybe it would have different applications to the weapon)
In the case of WL3, we would have 2 weapon tech skills: ballistic and energy (or high tech)

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Re: Energy Weapons

Post by Mole204 » July 13th, 2018, 12:37 am

I always got the rifle type weapons mixed up with the energy weapon, because there are always energy weapons that should qualify for more than one category. Was the skills points adjustable downwards or am I remembering something else? It was good that it had that, if it had that. :P

I'm hoping for a few different energy weapons. One apex, like the plasma rifle was in WL2, and a few bizarre ones. Of course the Nancies are going to have a Regan RayGun, right? Ronald Raygun? President RayGun? Whatever, it's Project Morningstar's problem.
Not to mention the text entries. You blast the raider into quarkian gravel. You send the Mailed Wolf's torso into subatomic distress. You heat the Threshing Crawler into muon jelly.

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