Failed Flawed Simulacrum Quest Bug

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I am running version 1.1.0 (Steam version) on Linux. I just recently purchased the game and am 20+ hours in.

I completed the quest by having Min from the Order build the Thing then using it on Finzin. Initially I failed the check to convince Finzin and he suggested I talk to Sygin about exterminating the Levy (this is reflected in my journal log). If I talk to Sygin, the dialog option never appears (presumably because I already did the thing and got the shins and sprayflesh from Finzin). I recently sent inXile support an email and posted on about the issue as well as posted in the Steam forums.

I saw someone else who edited the XML to "fix" the Peerless quest but honestly I've come across a few separate XML files and I have no idea which commands/directives do what to reverse engineer a solution. I am hoping there is a workaround because I really like the game but seeing as how there is very little activity on this forum (and the inXile website informed me to direct bug reports to the forum where a lot of the activity stopped in 2017) I fear I will be left with a sour taste in my mouth. I hope that is not the case but it is what I am expecting.

If any of you have any ideas it would be great. I think it's probably too late to get a Steam refund.

Thank you for reading.

EDIT: I apparently figured out a solution. If you did the quest the same way I did and got the same problem I did (and Sigyn likes your character), you can fix it too. You want to edit the file `a2601_sigyn_captain_of_levies.conversation`. Inside the `FlowChartNode` with ID 35 (should be line 2323) replace `<OnExitScripts />` with

Code: Select all

                  <FullName>Void SetGlobalValue(String, Int32)</FullName>
It's a bit hacky and if I understand it correctly it will trigger every time you exit a conversation with Sigyn but you could always edit the file again afterwards to remove it. Presumably you could put this anywhere else a `ScriptCall` is accepted too so if you don't currently have access to Sigyn you could find another `.conversation` file to put it in. I hope this helps!
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