Rumblings of Discontent bug

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Rumblings of Discontent bug

Post by BurningBright » January 23rd, 2018, 10:16 pm

I have completed Rumblings of Discontent but the quest will not be logged as finished. I rescued the first group in little Nihilish. I did a bunch of other side quests. I then went to Old Slave Rock and talked to the leader. Left to rest. When I came back the patrol group were all dead. I guess it is time restricted. But when I speak to Brusca I get payed shins for the one group found. Brusca says that it is sad I could not save them all. The quest stays open and I can keep asking where to find the missing patrols.

Other people have had the exact same thing happen. So it is not a one off. ... p?ID=38937
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