BUG: obtaining cortex of lost anchorage

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BUG: obtaining cortex of lost anchorage

Post by Madscientist » April 22nd, 2017, 4:17 pm

Version 1.02, Windows 10

I have found the item Dracogen wanted to have from the crystal area. I have also learned that servants of Dracogen tried to steal the cortex of lost anchorage and failed. I talked to Dracogen and told him that I get the cortex.
In Lost Anchorage, I asked the pilot for a tour and the crisis started. One of my chars stayed with the pilot to talk to him. My main char tried to remove the cortex. Two other chars tried to distract the operator and use the switch. I managed to get the cortex and analyze the helmet along the way. Once I had the cortex, all party members went to the exit and they left the area through the portal. The journal updated that I have failed to get the cortex, but it was in my inventory. I talked to Dracogen and I had both options: To tell him that I failed to get the cortex and to give him the cortex. I gave him the cortex and the game continued normally with my talk with the memovira.
When I go through the portal to Lost Anchorage, the door to the main room is closed.

expected behavior: When I leave Lost Anchorage with the cortex, the journal should update that I managed to get the cortex. When I talk to Dracogen with the cortex in my inventory, I should not have the option to tell him that I failed to get the cortex (except when there is a "(lie)" in front of this text).

I do not know how to solve this crisis without attacking anyone while getting the cortex and the journal update shows success.

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Re: BUG: obtaining cortex of lost anchorage

Post by coffee fiend » June 8th, 2017, 9:52 am

My guess is the devs expected everyone to talk to the Captain before leaving to reveal the discovery you made that the 9th World is really their home world. If you do that you can still finish the quest while avoiding combat and it will say you completed the quest then.

Even though the quest talks about stealing the Cortex it seems like it is really about sneaking in to analyze the helmet's data instead. And really if you play an honest character you should even have the option of putting the cortex back in place after analyzing the data. But I doubt that option works.

So they really need the quest to be more sophisticated and take into account different objectives
1) just steal the cortex and ignore the helmet data
2) analyze the helmet data and steal the cortex
3) analyze the helmet data and do not steal the cortex

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