Murdens attack despite paying compensation

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Murdens attack despite paying compensation

Post by kaiman » April 1st, 2017, 7:58 am

Not sure if this is intentional, but in case it is a bug in the dialogue scripting, here's what happened (version 1.0.2):

I enter the old slave block in search for Artaglios standard. Talk to the Murden chief and convince it to return the standard for the experience of an avian predator. I then explore the area, let their slave escape, loot their treasure and go back to see how the chief might feel about that. It's not amused, but I manage to settle the escaped slave for 200 shins, same as they originally paid. Fair's fair, after all! Now, off to the Chirurgeon Slump to fetch the essence to exchange for the standard. I scrape together all the shins I have to buy it, then make my way back and talk to the chief for the 3rd time. It's still not over me freeing their slave, and now my only chance is to attack for one reason or another.

I'd think the whole unfortunate slave business should be settled by now, but I guess some of the conditions and triggers in the dialogue are buggy. 'Tis a shame as it lead to the extinction of the Murdens and the spending of 700 shins for naught.

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