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Sorry for being a little late to the Torment party, but since I don't use Steam I didn't have access to the alpha or beta builds...

I note in the system specifications and the "Known Issues" thread that Torment is a 64-bit executable which won't run on 32-bit Windows. Now the alpha build apparently did run in 32-bit so this was clearly a deliberate decision.

Now the Kickstarter was funded on April 5th 2013 and Windows XP (32-bit, which I still use) was still supported by Microsoft (this ceased on 8th April 2014 just a year later). So it seems reasonable to consider the Kickstarter pledge to provide a Windows version to have included WinXP (InXile could have added a disclaimer at the time after all, if such support was in question).

So will InXile provide a 32-bit build for backers who have no desire to deal with the issues of 64-bit Windows? I am expecting a physical delivery soon (UK backer) so would like to know so I can decide whether to accept or reject it.
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