Bug: Ashen Imitation thinks an NPC has spawned that has not

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I also ran into this issue (no Ghostly Man in the Daughter's Fathom appearing after talking to the Ghostly Woman a fourth time) on a fresh 1.1.0 save. In the end, I was able to resolve this quest by forcing a confrontation with the Ghostly Man in the third 'instance' and fighting the Tabhat (which was disappointing, as I am trying to avoid combat wherever possible) to get him to reveal the disarming sequence for the Probability Engine. Not really a workaround, as it is a difficult fight, and removes the chance to use persuasion instead.
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None of the found women have spawned for me, only the original one is there. I've found all 5 and now she tells me to talk to the ghostly man but he's not there.
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It's 2021. I just picked up this game. This bug still exists.

I wouldn't care if someone hadn't said that the results of this quest has significance in the ending/future, so I'm really, really bummed about this.
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