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Rats! I managed to lose Bao on my second run too:(

Posted: April 27th, 2017, 2:21 pm
by Valrog
On my first run, I didn't know that Cliff's Edge would keep collapsing, killing most of the characters. As a result, I lost most quests there. On the positive side, I got an offer to buy Bao. Since I was playing a Gold & Blue pacifist, I declined and gave her money while refusing to allow her to give up Bao.

On my second run, I hurried and sorted out the sticha problem before doing anything else. I thus prevented Cliff's Edge from falling. I thought that I would have access to all of Cliff's Edge content now. As a Silver & Red combat-hungry character, I thought that Bao would be great to buy. Now I found out that she doesn't sell it to you unless her house collapses!

Reloading would be too painful. I would lose everything I've done (9 hours and 45 minutes of gameplay), as resolving the sticha crisis was the very first thing I did in Sagus Cliffs. I have to let Bao go:( A third run is out of the question. I wish there was another way to get him. Go for the eyes, Bao! Go for the eyes! EAAAAAAAAAARGH