Sagus Cliffs Report

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Sagus Cliffs Report

Post by Skie » April 18th, 2017, 12:28 pm

So finally done with that part of the game for the first time :P

  • Rhin refereed to my female protagonist as sir in her voice over introduction.
  • A Wrested Mind - I had to do this fight a few times since it kept freezing. I choose to fight instead of waiting for Diviaticu and I didn't call for my party's reflection. It seems like the NPC/Monster kept skipping their turns, until eventually the Monster wouldn't pass its turn. I'm not sure what makes them stuck thinking they got nothing to do. More not sure why eventually it freezes and not times out the turn either. Seems to be mostly happen if the Monster does the charging up action, and then gets energy pushed to a corner.

  • I know this games is about puts an emphasis on dialogue and alternative solutions, but there really is not enough combat. It's like I don't get to even use my cool combat abilities and weapons.
  • During combat, it's extremely annoying you can't move behind an enemy, because the option defaults into Attack. How about holding a button to force a Move only action?
Overall enjoying the game so far!
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