Are there any real consequences for choices? (and other constructive complaints)

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Are there any real consequences for choices? (and other constructive complaints)

Post by Hal900x » March 25th, 2017, 5:27 pm

I'm halfway through Act 2. So far, actual consequences for my actions have been very scarce. For example *minor spoilers*: in Act 1 I have the opportunity to recruit some folks for the Endless War; they reluctantly agree. This is counter to my character's Tidal Affinity aka morality, but the Tides are not affected. They go off to war and I get XP. That's it. No negative consequences (so far) and if I were to leave them literally in peace, I wouldn't get the XP. Same with ascending the Obelisk. It's a terrible act, but if I don't do it I miss out on XP. The only real consequence I've encountered so far is having to deal with Ris (?..the execution guy) at the end of Act 1, and it's a trifling thing.

Although this is a hub-type RPG, it still seems quite linear to me. Yes, you need to move around a lot and talk to everyone, but in the end it's either you finish the quest and get XP, or you skip it. There aren't really any alternative paths. Perhaps that is because the game system is just succeed or fail on a given skill check, and success is virtually guaranteed regardless of character and party construction. Maybe I should start deliberately failing more, but that kills the enjoyment for me. If failure really creates some interesting new scenarios, it should be forced upon you much more often. All I have to do to pass any skill check is rest or pop a consumable, pump up my points a bit and win it. And at my point in the game, my Nano has so many Stat points I can pass anything with or without my team.

Also disappointed that Tidal Affinity is simply the occasional dialogue skill check like everything else in this game. I had hoped it would add a new wrinkle.

Even with all my sniveling I enjoy this game for one reason alone: They nailed the lore of this game universe. The writers really created an alien multi-dimensional reality and those dwelling in it. That is what keeps me playing, but then again so would a good book.

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Re: Are there any real consequences for choices? (and other constructive complaints)

Post by Hawke64 » March 27th, 2017, 4:05 pm

The problem is that the game doesn't show if an event is the result of player's choice, time-dependent or default. It becomes visible on subsequent playthroughs only (Tides included), I guess.
The Fifth Eye patrons are mentioned in the epilogue and an item from them might help in one encounter in the main story.

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Re: Are there any real consequences for choices? (and other constructive complaints)

Post by Rink » April 1st, 2017, 4:39 am

I agree that "the problem" is, that the game doesn't show you what decisions are important and what effects are because of the decisions you made. I personally don't need pointers though.
The only thing I would say to you without a spoiler is that there are many things you can do that affect the world and later conversations. There are decisions that will give you important additional information about what is happening and help you in better understanding characters or the main story, some of them will have a minor impact on the story and major impact on the future world (even though you may not be able to experience that world in detail).
Furthermore there are often several paths to complete a quest and while this usually has no impact on the XP or loot, it can have an impact on how you feel if you decide on saving someones life instead of killing him - or at least it does in my case.

But yes, your decisions will not completely change the game you will play in a major way (no big new places, only small locations you could miss, no big storymissions you otherwise wouldn't see etc. I personally am not sure if this would be realistic in a game though, I haven't seen a game do more than ToN to give the player freedom in the world and decisions that have an impact in a minor or major way and I guess if there would be even more reactivity, this would make the game even bigger with every player seeing an even smaller percentage of the entirety of the game.
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