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Feature requests

Post by Edvin696 » March 3rd, 2017, 1:25 pm

I have not been able to find any topic called Feature requests so I decided to create it.
Please share your thoughts, comments and suggestions.

Although it is a great game, it was made a few not-so-wise decisions that can be easily corrected in one of the future patches.
I personally have a problem with the 4 things.

1) Last castoff can buy "Wolverine claws" upgrade.
That's great, but why must be claws extended all the time?
It looks ridiculous (especially when holding a two-handed weapon) and impractical.
Claws should appear only during combat.
Simple and reasonable change.

2) Changing position in the group
Wisest tactic is always put strong character with a large number of HP forward and weak mages backward.
If you want to do it in this game, you are forced to manually release all the characters from the group and then let them join in order which you need.
Why can not we just drag their portrait to another position in the party?

3) Complete DMG
In the inventory, we can see the damage caused by our weapons.
That's great, but I would like to see the real damage.
Real DMG with all bonuses from all items.

4) Custom portraits
Can you PLEASE create some simple method for inserting custom portraits?
Current process is incredibly complex.

Pardon my rusty English. I'm not a native speaker.
I hope that everything was understandable.

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