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Re: Reviews

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Serjo gives 60/100
60 / 100


Very rich world and setting, ripe for use in other games, preferrably not with "Torment" in their title or similar pretenders' claims.
A few, tragically too few moments in the Bloom, speak of the game that may have been, back in 2013.


This is not Torment by any stretch of the imagination. Just comparing itself to the 1999 masterpiece, is anathema.

Extremely poor audio-visual presentation, even by indie game standards. For a 4.5 million dollar Kickstarter, this is a disgrace.

In spite of its rich world and lore, it utterly fails to create an emotional connection with the player or make us care about anything going on in the Last Castoff's story.

RPG mechanisms, character development, inventory acquisition and management are at amateur levels.

Meres and their sad, sad implementation. It would have been preferable to save some face and not include them at all.

The bitter aftertaste in players' mouths, that this was merely a tech demo for selling the Numenera world to prospective publishers for future projects. There is no game here.

The silently cut stretch goals of the Kickstarter campaign. In light of the project's extremely poor quality, the argument of "We wanted to focus on polish" seems even weaker. High tier backers should be furious. ... ew-english
Sounds like a typical /v poster kek.
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Re: Reviews

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If we're looking to gather reviews, I put up a specific thread for that here
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