Can't equip certain Items that I could traditionally

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I've recently purchased Bard's Tale Remastered from Steam, and am re-living the glory days of my youth.  I'm currently in Bard's tale 1, in Partial Legacy mode (some options on, some off).

I was little puzzled to find for some reason or another some items can not be equipped by my wizards as they should be.  Off the top of my head, Mytheral Gloves, Luckshield come to mind.  In fact Luckshields for example should be able to be equipped by all party members, but not even my hunter can equip one?  There is probably problems with other items as well but these are the most obvious ones that come to mind at the moment.

There is so many versions of Bards Tale, and searching the internet for straight answers has been slightly problematic... However I did come across a post here that talks about this somewhat.  From what I understand there was a patch to address this going all the way back to late 2018.  What I don't understand, is if I downloaded this game last weekend (January 2021) from steam, wouldn't I already be playing the most up to date version? OR do I still need to apply a patch manually? And if a patch needs to be installed manually, can someone point out to me where it is located?

If anyone can point me in the right direction I'd be very grateful.

Thank you All
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I'm not super-knowledgeable in BT. With that caveat out of the way, two possible explanations come to mind:

1. Some gameplay elements changed between parts I - III. Plus, the many ports of the original 8-bit/16-bit Bard's Tale series turned out to have different game mechanics in some places (which may or may not include what items could be equipped by which classes).
The Remastered Edition took all of these different versions and created a single "authoritative" ruleset for combat procedure, stats, items, spells, bard songs, etc. across all parts - even when you're playing in legacy mode you may find that the remastered gameplay differs from your exact subvariant from back in the day in some small detail. This might be one such detail - maybe the Luck Shield could be equipped in some but not all of the old ports of the game, and ended up non-equippable when the authoritative Remastered ruleset was created.

2. Another known issue is that spellcasters can/could keep items equipped when they switched class, even when they could not normally equip the item in question in their new class. I.e. an item that a mage may equip but a sorceror cannot remains equipped and usable if the mage becomes a sorceror with the item equipped. I am not sure if or how this was adressed in the Remasters.
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Thanks for the reply,

My history with the game includes the Atari ST, Amiga, 386 PC, And all of those versions the Wizard was able to equip all of the following...

Leather Armor
Leather Glvs
Mthr Gloves
Dmnd Dagger
Spectre Mace
Death Dagger
Spectre Snare

The above is why it made sense to end as a Wizard even at the cost of extremely high experience points being needed to progress.

As for option 1. Maybe that's it, and given the restructuring in the remastered Non-legacy I can see that might make more sense as experience is far to easy to get early on IMO. But Legacy being what it is, it should be as was in the definitive versions of the games all which allowed the above to be equipped. (granted I can't speak for apple).

And option 2. I'm well aware of the equipped items issue, and I pleasantly remember carefully planning some games (I've played many oh games over the years both ways) to take advantage of that mechanic. Which was also part of the game on those past platforms. IS it cheating? Meh. But it was a gut punch when you realize that you've gained X amount of levels and just realized at some point you accidently unequipped an item never to be able to equip it again. Essentially it was part of the original game, and made for interesting decisions.

Regardless though, I went back and reloaded a Non-Legacy game I had started initially and got a wizard up and running, to test if the remastered non-legacy version could use said equipment above... And they definately can't on Both the Remastered and Legacy version. And seeing as the game has been out for a few years, There doesn't seem to be any hope that it will ever be corrected.

So I'll suck it up and play as this remastered version allows. :P
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As was mentioned, the Remastered Trilogy tried to keep equipment rules consistent across all three games, and there were many changes in how classes and equipment types were handled going from Tales of the Unknown to Destiny Knight to Thief of Fate.

Second, the "definitive" version of the game has generally been considered to be the Apple II version, and the pretty much identical Commodore 64 version. The 16 bit versions had to be rewritten for a drastically different architecture and are generally glitchier than the originals.
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