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After completing the Tombs in the town of Ephesus, how do I get the Old Warrior out of my party?
I have tried:
1) leaving the dungeon
2) leaving the town
3) letting him get killed
4) going to the adventurer's guild and trying to remove from party (he isn't an option for removal)
5) going to the adventurer's guild and trying to add another character (I get a message party is full)
6) summoning another monster (I get a message party is full)
7) initiating party combat (I get a message there is no need for that)
Is this a bug or am I missing something obvious?
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I believe there should be an option to [K]ick him from the party.

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Type their number (or click on their name) to bring up the character info for the NPC you want to remove. There you can [K]ick them.
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I like to feel as though I gave the old codger a new lease on life by bringing him out of the Tombs alive and then (k)icking him out of the party. Sure, I left an old man homeless on the dangerous streets of Epheseus, but hey - Isn't THAT the American Dream? get out there and make it on your own?
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