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The Catacombs

Posted: May 31st, 2019, 4:35 am
by Baldergast
Hoping I can tap into some of the knowledge here please :) Playing the remastered Tales of the Unknown.

So, I finally went toe to toe with Mangar last night and got flattened. My party averages level 22, so having done some reading thinking that they are a little low perhaps.

So remembered the old grinding routine of going through the Catacombs, killing the Zombies, Wights, Skeletons etc, with one or two PC's and the rest of the party summoned creatures to maximise XP gains.

Problem was for me last night was that none of the encounters would respawn for me. I read that the 396 berserker fight can only be done once, but I thought the rest of these encounters could be reset by leaving the dungeon and returning?

Is it because I have faced Mangar I can only grind in his Tower now? Don't mind, just wanted to check if I was doing something wrong.

All assistance gratefully received :)


*Edit - Further investigation it appears that only Catacombs level 3 is "not working", 1 & 2 all encounters are respawning as expected. Also only the "journal entry" encounters are affected. All other items respawn (traps, red sword icons etc.) are replayable every time I leave and re-enter the dungeon. Puzzled....

Re: The Catacombs

Posted: June 3rd, 2019, 1:46 am
Unless you're playing in Legacy mode, some of the most egregious grinding battles (and most if not all of the password riddles, but surprisingly not the guardian statues in the city) do not reset.
Some encounters do reset though, when you leave the respective dungeon level.

In the catacombs, I can recommend the fight against 66 skeletons (a fire horn works wonders here!) at 3E 12N from the entry stairs. (Can easily be reached by keeping left at the first two intersections and then going straigth up, turn left, advance 1 step, turn right, advance 1 step, turn left, kick in the door - but beware of the trap at 5E 6N.) The best part here is that by the time my fire horn was used up, I would usually have found one or two other fire horns.
If your party is a bit stronger, go to level 3. One step east of the stairs there's a door to the south. Go south, then take the second door to fight 69 Wights. These are nasty when they hit as they drain levels; but when you're good enough to survive this fight without getting hit then it's just a couple of steps back to the stairs, go up, go back down, and the wights have respawned for another round.

Re: The Catacombs ****SPOILER*****

Posted: September 14th, 2019, 10:13 pm
by HawkSlayer
It is a fact that grinding in catacombs was disabled by the devs. This was intentional. Due to the fact that XP was cut in half in the first place partly. Also, due to the fact that the game is 25 years old and players like myself have already posted hints on how to own there. For example, getting a Wizard by the time the group is level 7 and just nuking undead with a level 1 wiz spell!

******************************************** SPOILER ******************************************************************************
for new super easy grind spot with good loot as well. Because you are level 22 this is easily in your realm.

In the new Bard's tale Trilogy often quests are permanently solved. Therefore, when you complete the quests for level 3 of Mangar's tower. The stairs from level 3 to 4 are permanently opened.

What this means is once you have the master key you can
1) walk from the city into Mangar's Tower
2) Aport Arcane strait to the level 3 stairwell
3) the first room on the north side of the crypt(first chamber after entering level 4) is a 69 ghoul fight with top level loot that is repeatable every time you enter the level. It's really no tougher than a catacombs fight, with the rewards of end game.
Level an alt, loot up, whatever, it's a trivial encounter for high xp/loot