Monk and insta kill in The bards tale trilogy

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Monk and insta kill in The bards tale trilogy

Post by Gandalf » December 26th, 2018, 2:49 pm

In Bt2 and 3, Monk will start to need more than one round to kill one enemies.

Is there some weapons or equipment that will make them reliably insta kill ?

Show Death Dagger
has a possible Monk weapon, my worries is the monk might have a to low to hit bonus with weapon.

I mostly worried for BT2 and BT3.

I would like to use the same party in all 3 games (without reset).

Any suggestions ?

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Re: Monk and insta kill in The bards tale trilogy

Post by rakenan » January 22nd, 2019, 8:30 pm

I'm still playing BT2, and my Monk remains my most reliable melee killer without any weapon equipped. Lots of foes seem to be immune to critical hits, so Hunter, Rogue, and instant-kill weapons aren't as amazing as they might seem.

The Monk can equip a Death Dagger, but in doing so loses the enormous to-hit bonus from unarmed combat. At that point, the Monk is down with Hunter and Bard accuracy, which is not so great.

The real solution may be Bard songs. After singing Rhyme of Duotime, Melee March, and Falkentyne's Fury, my Monk is hitting 14 times for almost 10,000 damage in BT2. Sure, that's 3 rounds wasted, but you only worry about melee kills when you have a reason to not use magic, and without magic, fights tend to go on for quite a few rounds. My Paladin also hits like a truck after those songs, and even my Bard is slightly better than useless hitting things with his melee weapon.
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