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Just finished the remastered Bard's Tale II. The change to the mechanics didn't make much difference in the end fight; all my PCs died fairly quickly except for my Destiny Knight. However, by the time the fight was down to a reasonable number of enemies, I had too little spell points left to cast HEAL, so only that one character got the benefits of the XP. Still a wild ride. Can't wait to see Bard's Tale ]I[ in all its glory. Once again, excellent work, Krome Studio.

EDIT: Just ran through the last fight again. I had completely forgotten to go get the Dreamspell before. A quick jaunt back to Destiny Stone to pick it up, then back to the end. This time I was able to keep everyone alive (or at least make sure they were at the end).

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Ah, the unkillable Destiny Knight.

Yet, one would think to himself, since the DK was a result of Michael's being born-again and thus was a fantasy rpg version of Christ, shouldn't he be able to endlessly raise his party members from the dead as well as himself?

Just sayin'...
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