Features you wish The Bards Tale Trilogy had

For all discussion on all the previous Bard's Tale games: the classic 1980s games (Bard's Tale, II: Destiny Knight, & III: Thief of Fate) & the humorous Bard's Tale (2004) spin off.

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Re: Features you wish The Bards Tale Trilogy had

Post by Jesse011 » April 12th, 2019, 4:34 am

Id like to be able to save monsters. Ive always been a fan of collecting the highest hp of certain monster types and im currently running a group with 4 wacum the wiz with kato bracers in 2 to farm items faster and id like to be able to stash them rather than return to ds3 every time i want to bring them out. I know people will try to duplicate items with them, but what difference does that make?

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