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How does Monk defense work exactly? Does the monk need to strip of all clothing for his/her bonuses to work or can he/she keep leather gloves or a buckler on?
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Glove/bracers/rings are best. I do not think there is any penalty programmed in for wearing a shield on any class, meaning you can have a shield and a 2 handed weapon and there just is no penalty, it's not part of the code.

Each level a monk gets his AC will drop by one until it reaches the maximum armor possible. I've had fights in BT2 where everyone was dead but the monk and he survived for 20 rounds because nothing could hit him.. that was a long time ago I don't remember anything about it other than that.

For weapons, every 2 levels at first and then later every 4 levels unarmed combat gets an extra damage die rolled. It gets ridiculous, but only if you do not have a weapon equipped.
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Technically there's no "2 handed weapon" stat, there's only a single melee weapon slot. It's more whether it's by description a large/heavy weapon, which only some classes could wield (maybe consider it that they're tough enough to weild the '2 handed weapon' in one hand :), so technically they can wield a large weapon and a shield.
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Monk damage table

Monk info

Good early monk gear

Leather Gloves
Chain mail
Halbard (unequipped at level 6)

Good gear

Leather Gloves
Mithril Bracers
Mithril Helm
Mithril Shield
Shield Ring
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Ah, who doesn't remember the late BT2 or BT3 stages where you wander in to a section of a dungeon where you NEED your spellcasters to get you out and back home, but sadly, you find yourself in a battle where ultimately your entire party (except those one or two inhuman fighting machines, the monks) is killed.

You WANT to either end the battle or run away, but either way, you realize, in horror that your monk is left wandering endlessly in a dungeon that he or she cannot escape without a spellcaster to give him a levi or some other necessary bit of magic. And of course... NOBODY can KILL HIM!

Aaaaaaaand... reload.
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