Bards Tale Remasters - best carry through party?

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Re: Bards Tale Remasters - best carry through party?

Post by SuperDave17 » December 22nd, 2018, 4:10 am

Question ...

Can the Hunter still crit at a distance in the remasters, like with Aram's Knife in BT2 and the Nightspear in BT3?

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Re: Bards Tale Remasters - best carry through party?

Post by joques » December 25th, 2018, 5:53 am

Absolutely. Critting from a range with my bow-toting hunter is my first, best defense against Vampires.

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Re: Bards Tale Remasters - best carry through party?

Post by Jesse011 » December 28th, 2018, 7:54 pm

With the group inventory system and Hunter ranged crit improvement over the original games I would say
Warrior (I remember in the original games you have a better chance of hitting with lower ac, haven't played this enough to notice yet. In 3 he becomes Geomancer)
Hunter (Monk was only really useful for holding quest items. At end game of bt2 enemies have 6000+ hp and end of bt3 they have over 10k, so monk is no help there)
Rogue (with remaster bt3 abilities right from the start they aren't bad)
2 spell casters
For the remastered 7th slot you can go Monk, monster, or a Conjurer. For Legacy In the first game a Demon Lord is literally stronger than the final boss (although in some versions he wastes a lot of turns casting spells) and in later games you can find a monster who casts REST or MAMA (I think Wacum the Wiz casts it most turns in BT2).

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