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Promoting the game.......

Post by Orpheus the Bard » January 30th, 2018, 12:25 pm

Ever since I noticed another game loosely based on the Reservoir Dogs film (& another one made back in the day of the film that was banned in my country.) & with cheesy rewind feature (This was on COG GAMES .com.) that never made sense to me and none of the team look like their film counterparts when you considered this is original work from Q. Tarrantino & remembering their this famous scene...

Just imagine using this idea in the Bard's Tael along with the same music, but restricted by the medieval period (Mandolins and flutes instead of guitars.) the game is set in. Knowing that the Bard's Tale adventures are a team of rogues that could be compared to the same modern day crooks from that famous film.

Walking through dry creek beds because despite appearences, I always imagined they filmed that in one of those concrete reservoirs just for effect. No, it's not, they're just walking to their vechiles through another carpark, I think.

Anyway, could you imagine this scene re-rendered for the Bard Tale game. Maybe, somebody like Garth the Weapon store owner is behind this.

Just putting it out there, not entirely serious about this myself. Never knew the significance of the song lyrics little green bag either.

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