BTCS or BT series behaviors to replicate

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BTCS or BT series behaviors to replicate

Post by BHelper » July 11th, 2017, 2:56 pm

I'm trying to build a RPG Maker MV conversion of a BTCS scenario, and figure it's easier to ask here about certain little things that appear in the BTCS or BT series games, and I can't seem to find in the manuals:

Q: Does the Monk in BTCS (I know it does in BT1) improve in unarmored AC by 1 per level? And does the Monk start from AC 10-max(DX-14,0) like everyone else would when unarmored?

Q: Do traps in dungeons reset when you exit the level and return?

Q: There's apparently no way to try to detect a trap before you enter its square, even if you know where it is already (because maps)?

Q: If above is so, you either walk into the trap and hope your Rogue rolls well on Disarm, or you prepare before entry with the Bard song or trap destruction spell, right?

Q: If the trap goes off, in BTCS it looks like it could be scripted to erase itself, but most likely it will stay there so it could go off again on next visit to that square, right?

Q: Are dungeons "regular dark" by default? So you need a Torch-type item or Light spell to see at all in them, otherwise you get a "Darkness" message?

Q: I assume entering a special Darkness square turns off all running light spells and light-making items, right? Does it affect a Bard song that makes light like Marcela's Melody?

Q: What's the maximum number of groups of monsters that can appear in a battle? In BT1, I thought it was 4. But my BTCS scenario here has a boss battle with 6 groups.

I'll likely have more such questions, but these are the first batch that I thought of. And it's easier to edit this post than add more to a post below that people may not see, so I'll add more questions and put digests of the answers here in the OP too.
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Re: BTCS or BT series behaviors to replicate

Post by Crosmando » July 12th, 2017, 6:26 am

Not answering your question but how easy is it to replicate standard blobber combat in RPG Maker? Can you make first-person games or is it only top-down? I was thinking of purchasing it on Steam to make a mess about with it.
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Re: BTCS or BT series behaviors to replicate

Post by BHelper » July 12th, 2017, 3:28 pm

Yes, that's off-topic, but you can get RPG Maker VX Ace Lite for free to demo, or try some of the free games already produced with it, VX Ace or the latest MV. Combat is already turn-based by default, but replicating the specific old-school wierdness of something like BT is the last difficult 20%. Top-down view by default, though I've seen an isometric view done somehow. There's lots of plugins to modify aspects of the default systems, plus scripting (Javascript in MV).
What I'm doing is a conversion, and my first RPG Maker project, so some BT aspects like first-person view are too advanced for me to attempt. But I've gotten quite far, and except for copyright issues I can do the maps/quests/monsters/items/spells of other BTCS scenarios or a good chunk of BT I-III already.

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Re: BTCS or BT series behaviors to replicate

Post by Ether » July 14th, 2017, 6:45 pm

I'm going to assume Bards Tale question unless specified

Traps reset in 1 and 2, at least in the early versions. Not sure in iigs or Amiga. They don't in 3 until you leave the dimension.

Not without a detection spell like Second Sight.

Rogues can't disarm dungeon traps. Need Trzp.

Generally dark. Some outside dungeons in 3 have natural light.

I believe it was four groups max In all the games.

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